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This is Linda Wada's comprehensive web site about the life and career of Edna Purviance, with an extensive collection of Charlie Chaplin resources including a library of over 500 Charlie Chaplin books published worldwide, with the books excusively from the library of collector Dominique Dugros of France. Edna's site has been online since 2001, with millions of pages viewed to date.

Edna's Place (blog)

Linda Wada keeps fans in touch with going's- on in the silent film world. Lots of current information, including news about Edna, Chaplin, film festivals and events.

Table Chat - with host Linda Wada ( podcast program)
May 31, 2009 I launched my first audio interview program called Table Chat. My first guest is British comic book artist, Garen Ewing, creator of The Rainbow Orchid, The Adventures of Julius Chancer. Garen's comic is of interest to silent film fans, as you will learn in our interview. Listen and learn more at this link.

Links about Chaplin and Edna
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Charlie Chaplin
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Charlie Chaplin - A Tribute
The Little Tramp
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Links about Silent Films
Silent Era
Silent Ladies & Gents
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Photoplay Productions
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Links about Silent Festivals
Bristol Silents
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Le Giornate
Niles Film Museum
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The Silent Clowns Film Series

Links about DVDs and CDs
Charlie Chaplin UK DVD Guide
Charlie Chaplin USA DVD Guide
Charlie Chaplin Music Guide

Links about Online Programs
Stolen Moments - Podcast
DCR - Weekly live broadcast

Edna Purviance web site

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