April 16, 2009

Contest Closed

Charlie Chaplin's Birthday: Edna's Crossword Puzzle Challenge
Drawing Date: April 16, 2009 - Contest now closed.
Winner is Betty Brooks from Canada
Thank you everyone!

(All answers were on Edna's .org site and/or in her films)

1 (across) - Name of Edna's oldest sister

Answer: Bessie

2 (across) - In which film did Charlie borrow Edna's shoes

Answer: A Woman

3 (across) - Name of the first town where Edna worked in films

Answer: Niles

4 (across) - Initials of Edna's father

Answer: MGP

5 (across) -Name of Edna's grandmother

Answer: Julia Davey

6 (across) - Edna's first film

Answer: A Night Out

7 (across) - Edna's favorite exercise was to

Answer: Swim

8 (across) - In the beginning of A Day's Pleasure, Edna is waiting for Charlie to ____ the car.

Answer: Start

9 (across) - State where Edna was born

Answer: Nevada

10 (across) - Name of Edna's stepfather

Answer: Nurnberger

11 (across) - In which film did Edna 'die' in Charlie's arms

Answer: Carmen

12 (across) - First name of Edna's co-star in many of the Mutual films

Answer: Eric

13 (across) - Country where Edna made her last film
Answer: France

14 (across) - First name of Edna's co-star in The Sea Gull

Answer: Eve

15 (across) - First film title created for The Sea Gull

Answer: A Woman Who Once Loved

16 (across) - Film where Charlie thought he was going to get a present from Edna

Answer: The Bank

17 (across) - What did people in Lovelock say when they first saw Edna on film?

Answer: Theres Edna

18 (across) - Which town did Chaplin remember Edna being from

Answer: Lovelock

19 (across) -What did Edna do in public at the age of four?

Answer: Sing


1(down) - Name of town Edna's father lived in during his later years?
Answer: Biggs

11 (down) - Edna enjoyed owning a _____
Answer: Car

20 (down) - In which film did Edna and Charlie get caught in 'flypaper'?

Answer: Sunnyside

21 (down) - Country where Edna's mother was born?

Answer: England

22 (down) - Which film did Edna not play in during the Mutual era?

Answer: One AM

23 (down) - Edna ________ a letter in the bank.

Answer: Typed

4 (down) - Which sister did Edna live with in San Francisco?

Answer: Myrtle

5 (down) - Edna's husband's name

Answer: John Squire

24 (down) - Nickname of Edna's father in Biggs

Answer: Mickey

25 (down) - Which film had several of Edna's scenes deleted from original?

Answer: The Kid

26 (down) - Name of city Edna and her husband lived in South America

Answer: Barranquilla

27 (down) - Name of another Purviance family member who worked for Chaplin

Answer: Morgan Hill

28 (down) - Name of the Chaplin family member who wrote to Edna

Answer: Leo Dryden

29 (down) - Name an airline where Edna's husband was a pilot

Answer: Panagra

30 (down) - In which film did Charlie and Edna get caught up with wallpaper?

Answer: Work

31 (down) - Edna's nickname with her close friends
Answer: Edie

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