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The Sea Gull has received an excellent review from internationally
known film critic, author and reviewer,
Leonard Maltin.

The Sea Gull

UPDATE: June 2018 - With the web changes over the years, and some businesses adjustments being worked out, decided to pull down The Sea Gull carts until 2019. So for now, you can check for updates here or on Edna's .org home page.

On a personal note, work on the Edna's Family bio. continues. After a two year delay, dealing with family illnesses, I am back doing the first re-edit and re-write of the first draft. This takes time, but at least getting back on track. I will have updates on Edna's .org site and on Edna's FB page. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for your continued support. Check your emails for information about your orders. Here are some of comments about the latest Third Revised Edition of The Sea Gull:

Dear Linda,
Just a note to say how much I appreciated your book. Packed with fascinating information and wonderful images – obviously a labor of love which you have good reason to be proud of. - TL

"Looking forward to your next book! And, wanted to publicly thank you for putting together Sea Gull; a complete joy!" Gerald Smith, THEN AND NOW

"I am very pleased with it and have to say I am very impressed with the presentation and the overall look of the book. Yourself and Wes have done fantastic work on this project. Also thanks again for the signatures. I will so treasure this book for years to come." from Europe

"The photographs of Seagull are great." - from Europe (they bought the first edition, too)

The reviewers have been very impressed with our book. We are just doing everything possible to ensure that each one of you will have the same experience.